Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Finish This Week #14

On Saturday morning, I usually
I usually if lucky get to sleep in one hour longer then normal. Due to my one year old deciding to give mom a brief brake from waking up early. It's also usually the only day I get to do any kind of shopping with out dragging around kids.

I feel beautiful when
wow that's not a loaded question is it. I feel beautiful well the hubs makes me feel beautiful everyday but I feel beautiful well dang I don't have a good answer for that one. 

I wake up every morning
At 6 to get the kids up and going for school. I pack lunches, make sure the kids grab a bowl of cereal, and get them out the door. All while dealing with a couple of toddlers and a baby if they don't sleep in.

A happy home
Is run with love. 

When I have down time, I
Oh seriously if y'all follow my blog even just a little you know I scrap book and read. Heck I do that even when I don't have much down time. I try to get a little in every now and then it's my stress relief. Reading and scrap booking that's what I love to do in my down time.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Scrappin Monday

Morning y'all! It's Monday and although Mondays aren't usually to thrilling because that means the weekend is over and I'm back to getting lunches packed and kids out the door I'm really excited about today. Now I do have some cute scrap book pages to share with y'all but I also have something else fabulous that y'all should go check out. Now if y'all don't follow along with the fabulous Mindie from Bacon Time With The Hungry Hypo then you are missing out. If you haven't noticed I have a wonderful new button on the side of my blog that says that I'm a contributor over at Bacon Time. I'm so excited about this and today is my very first post over there. I'm going to be sharing awesome printables with y'all that you can down load for free. So you might want to go stop by Bacon Time today and check out the fun printable for this month. Be sure to tell Mindie hi she's amazing and you'll love her blog. 

Here's today's scrappin Monday pages.

Don't forget to run by Bacon Time and check out the cute printable and feel free to let me know if there's anything you guys would like to see printable wise for next month.

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Littleman Takes Over

Mommy's readers! It's me Littleman here to share some of my thoughts with y'all today. It's been awhile y'all! I've been enjoying life. My cousin Little Miss G has been hanging out with me during the week now. It's weird having a little girl around all the time. She's always playing with baby dolls, stuffed animals, and watching Tinkerbell. I'm pretty sure that fairy would be on mommies naughty list if she lived at our house. She get's angry a lot. Good thing I've converted Little Miss G to watching some batman and ninjago with me once in awhile because watching Tinkerbell 5 days a week would drive any little boy crazy. I think it secretly might drive my mommy up the wall too. She's not really use to watching those girly movies. I do like to watch Frozen though! Shhhh don't tell the other little boys on the play ground. :)

It's kind of fun now that Gbug can play with me. Although he still screams when I try to roll over the top of him. Then mommy yells that I need to be soft. Come on his a little boy like me isn't he suppose to be tough or something like that. Mommy says he's too little for me to roll over. When the heck is this kid every going to be big enough to wrestle. I've found this fun new game on mommies ipad called Tiny Thief. I'm a tad bit obsessed. Mommy plays it with me sometimes! 

Can I just complain about mommy for a minute here... She won't let me run around in my diaper all the time and she keeps trying to get me to use the potty and wear underwear and keep my clothes on. She's always getting me dressed and telling me I don't get to play on the ipad or have a cookie if I can't keep my clothes on like a big boy. Seriously people it's so much more fun to run around in a diaper. She doesn't think so but she's not three! Potty training doesn't really sound fun to me either. It drives mommy nuts. I'm pretty sure that she's given up lately though as she hasn't mentioned the bathroom in awhile or wearing my super hero undies. They are pretty cool though. 

Well y'all I'm off to watch Tinkerbell I'm sure since Little Miss G keeps asking and maybe if I'm lucky we can talk about watching batman soon. Have a great Friday. 

 Oh I swear this kid is always getting into trouble! Taking of my blog seriously Littleman! Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend and he's right I've given up on potty training for the time being. It's for the birds when it comes to Littleman. Have a wonderful day.

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mama's Insecurities

Morning y 'all!


What do ya think of my new look. Most of your probably don't know that I've never worn glasses in my life. But I'm thirty two years old, have four kids, and now wear glasses. This was a weird and some what difficult thing for me. You see I have never thought of myself as gorgeous by any means. Pretty perhaps but not above average in the looks department but if I had to tell you what I thought my best feature is I would have said my eyes. Okay so I totally feel like I'm sounding conceited or something but I like the color of my eyes and my hubs has always told me that they are gorgeous. There blue by the way if you were just wondering. Anyway so it was with a lot of trepidation and mixed feelings that I went to my very first eye appointment. Now I'm not by any means surprised that I am now wearing glasses as both my parents and my sister wear them. Mine are just for distances and are mostly worn when I'm driving or looking at things far away. I just can't help by feel a bit like a librarian. So, there you have it I'm a normal insecure human being and I just admitted it to a zillion people. 

It also doesn't help that my oldest Duke said he was sure that I would look weird wearing glasses. Thank you son that really boost your old moms self esteem. Gee some times kids are so blunt. I think I might have to teach him that when it comes to girls it's alright to just tell a fib sometimes when they ask you about their looks. Ugh! He did own up later that I looked better then he thought in glasses. I have to say that wearing them totally feels weird and every time I walk into the house I end up putting them on top of my head because I'm so use to doing that with my sun glasses. It's driving me crazy! Need to break that habit right away. They are a really fun deep purple with sparkle and rhinestones on the side so I totally feel girly. I just feel like I look older then I am and well since people have been telling me my whole life that I look older then I am why would I want to add more years. The hubs thinks I look amazing thought so that's all that counts.  I don't know what do ya think here I am with and with out my glasses.

I don't know what do ya think? Maybe I look a little older and maybe my kids will take their mom a bit more seriously. hahaha probably not but it's a thought. Well now that I've confessed all my insecurities to the world I hope ya have a great day and don't think I'm to crazy.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Finish This #13

It's that time again y'all where we party with the girls from the Link up Finish This. So, here we go again. I'm sharing with y'all my inner deep dark secrets. hahaha okay not really but I do so enjoy answering these questions.

I don’t get enough
Oh gee there is probably a huge list of things that I don't get enough of but I'm pretty sure that I don't get enough squishy loves from this cute boy or even my other boys for that matter. I can never get enough loves from them. Love my boys!
My favorite indulgence

I thought about this one a bit and my two favorite indulgences if I have a little bit of mad cash just for me are books and right now digital scrapbook kits because we all know that I have a mad obsession with scrap booking and reading. Seriously I love to read and when I mean idulgence I don't mean buying books on my tablet I mean actual books on my shelf. Those of course are books that I would read over and over again. 

I made a major change in my life when

Gee when I got married and started having kids. There's nothing like kids to bring ya to reality. :) Okay I also recently made a rather big change when I started watching my niece. There's finally a girl in our house besides me and it's crazy fun but I have to say I like being able to give her back to her mama at dinner time. I'm never quite sure what to do with a girl. She's a doll though.

You should read

Okay I really hate to reccomend books to people because I find that most people don't like what I like but here we go. You really should ready the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. This is the latest one that I just finished.
I love this series and have them all!
Just putting this out there if you are not a supernatural fan then I wouldn't read these but seriously they are the best books that deal with things like werewolves and vampires that I've read. 

____ is my secret ingredient in
Bacon is my secret ingredient in my homemade mac and cheese. Plus a half a cup of chick peas. Shhhh don't tell me kids. Don't worry I'll be sharing that recipe soon enough with y'all. 

Have a wonderful Wed y'all and I'll talk to ya later. Don't forget to link up with the other wonderful gals for this weeks Finish This.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Things I'm Currently Loving

Morning y'all! I was thinking that it was about time that I shared some of the things that I'm loving right now. So here's what I'm loving currently.

 My cowboy boots. My awesome sister bought me cowboy boots for Christmas and can I just say I totally love these and wear them all the time! I'm pretty sure you can never have to many pairs of cowboy boots and I might need another pair sometime soon.

Okay my girl Amanda was having a younique party and I won this as part of a contest. Seriously this is the most awesome lip gloss I have ever tried. I'm not a huge lip gloss fan as they are usually way to sticky and feel nasty. This stuff feels amazing! In fact most of the time I forget I even have lip gloss on. Plus who doesn't love that color. It's called Lovesick by the way.

I'm also totally loving my winter coat. Although I'm pretty sure we are done with that now. I just love this bright color and fun toggle buttons. It's seriously such a fun coat to wear. I feel so happy just looking at it. 

Okay y'all I seriously rarely splurge on make up but I've been trying to just feel less like a hot mess of a mom and this stuff goes a long way in making me feel glam. Seriously love this make up and it's worth the splurge! Thanks to the hubs who thought it was a super good idea and thinks that I look awesome when trying out different make up styles. Love that man. Of course he thinks I look great with out make up too. I think he might need his eyes checked on that one. :)

Ohhh did I tell ya that we got a new couch. Yep and I love it. We can all sit together and I don't feel like we are scattered all over the place when we are trying to have family movie night. Yeah for awesome new furniture.

And last but definitely not least I'm loving spending 5 days a week chasing these cute things around. They are seriously so hilarious together. It's mayhem and chaos all in three tiny little packages. It just takes me a whole weekend to recover from the crazy they do and are but it's worth it. They all seriously have a fruit snack obsession. You should never come to our house when I'm out of fruit snacks it makes for crazy cranky kiddos.

Have a wonderful day y'all!

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Monday, March 31, 2014

Scrappin Monday

Morning y'all! It's Monday again. I seriously feel like it should still be Saturday or something. I'm way off this morning. Plus it totally threw me when Dukes teacher sent out a text message to parents this weekend letting us know that they were getting ready for the last nine weeks of school. Are there really only nine more weeks of school. Wow! Anyway it's Scrappin Monday and I'm getting down to the last pages of the first part of my kids 2013 scrapbook. Yep had to split the scrapbooks into two. I think I take a ton of pics of my kids. I've even been trying to make sure that I put more pictures on a page and I swear I still end up with a ton of pages. :) So, here's this weeks pages. Have a wonderful Monday y'all. I've got to go run get diapers at some point today. Mama's duties are never done. Enjoy your day and have a wonderful week.

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