Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Finish This #33

I feel stupid when
When I make spelling mistakes y'all I am the worlds worst speller. Seriously I just can't ever remember how to spell certain words and ya know sometimes I just start second guessing myself.

I hope I never
Y'all there are a lot of things I hope I never have to do and some that I'm just not willing to voice out loud. I hope I never have to clean another boys bathroom. Oh wait that's never going to happen since there are four boys running around my house. 
My one piece of advice to the world
Wow that's a lot of pressure y'all! My one piece of advice for my kids has always been be willing to work on it. You know willing to work at school, marriage, family, life. Everything requires effort and you shouldn't be afraid to work on it.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Washington Through My Lense #3

Morning y'all! It's getting closer to school starting here. This is our last full week of summer and then the kids head back to school. I'm not sure I'm ready for the madness of all that is going on this week. I seriously feel like I can't breath with all the things we have to get done this week. I think Wed is the only day of the week that I don't have anything going on.
 Anyway today I'm sharing some more of our trip to Washington with ya. Now I not only got to see my family but I also was able to catch up with a couple of really good friends while I was there. While we were waiting to go see one of my oldest and best friends we happen to stop by City Pier. I remember going here as a kid and playing on the beach, catching jelly fish, crabbing, checking for star fish, and climbing the tower. I tons of fun memories. Of course I also remember it being a bigger area. I guess that's what happens when you grow up. So, while we were waiting to go see my friend and the baby was napping in the car. Duke and I got out and explored City Pier for a little bit. Of course to us it was freezing. 

 The land formation behind Duke is Edis Hook where the life guard station is located and on a really clear day you can see Canada. Well at least their mountains anyway. I have to say when we were up there I'm not usually afraid of heights or anything but that tower is old and gave me pause being up there. There wasn't as much sea life as I remember seeing as a kid but the do have a little sea life center where you can go check out what kind of life lives in the sea. We didn't go in but it looked fun. 

I loved seeing all the boats , cargo ships, and even the place where they make luxury yachts. It's a busy place down there. Of course when we weren't going place and simply hanging out Duke needed a way to let off his energy so I would walk with them out into the back forty and let Duke run for it. 

Plus we saw these little Quayle flying around.

Gbug wasn't a huge fan of running the back forty but he liked standing around with me.

We also took a little drive around to show Duke some of where I grew up and ended up going out to The Spit and running by the Olympic Game farm.

It's a little hard to tell but those are actually buffalo and you can drive through the Olympic Game farm and feed the animals or at least you could when I was a kid. It's funny seeing Buffalo and zebras in my tiny little town. I know Duke had so much fun while were were there he told me that he wanted to live up there some day. 
Have a wonderful day y'all and come back next week to see more of Washington through my lens. 

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Paul Fredrick Fall Collection

Morning y'all! Just a quick heads up all opinions in this post are mine on behalf of the company Paul Fredrick. Now I don't know about y'all but my husband spends the majority of his days wearing dress clothes. Suits, button up shirts, and ties are all part of his everyday wardrobe. Which means I am constantly looking for things to change up his wardrobe or I'm constantly buying new dress shirts as he seems to wear them out really fast. So, I was really excited when the clothing company Paul Fredrick contacted me and asked if I'd check out their new fall collection and write about it. Y'all my husband might have been even a little bit more excited then me. I think I may have to get a second job to pay for that mans dress shirt and tie obsession. As if raising four boys wasn't hard enough! Now I have to keep the hubs in dress clothes. Good thing he looks so dang handsome in them. Plus did I mention my oldest Duke is starting to be just as tie obsessed as his dad. Heaven help me. Anyway Paul Fredrick has an amazing fall collection coming out. 

Don't you just love the colors. I have to say the hubs was practically drooling when we were looking through all the new colors and such of their fall collection. He's been looking for this one particular pattern on a dress shirt and of course the first thing he sees is what he's been looking for. So, this one is his favorite.

I have to say I totally love this look too. I am really loving those suspenders and the pattern on this shirt. However, my favorite was this suit.

I love a good three piece suit but I really think the pops of red make this outfit a winner. I would love to get this for the hubs. There are also some really great colors not only for men this year but women. One of the other colors that I was loving is this deep purple.

I love the gold with this color as well. I can tell you that when I go shopping for myself I will be looking for this deep purple color in the women's department too. The last thing that I really loved about Paul Fredrick's new fall collection were the shoes and hats. 


My husband is also a shoe guy. After all he spends the majority of his days wearing dress shoes. So, we are always looking for stylish yet comfortable. I personally love that hats are starting to come back into style for men. I really love a great hat. I was really pleased with Paul Fredrick's fall line and can't wait to see more. Be sure to stop by and see all the amazing colors for the fall. You never know what you might find. Have a beautiful day y'all and I don't know about you but I'm ready for it to be fall.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

I'm A Hat Girl

Morning y'all! Can I just say ahhhhhh!!!! Yeah if you were standing in my house you would hear my scream at the top of my lungs. It's been one of those weeks / couple of weeks where all major appliances turn against me. The washing machine lid hates me and won't lock unless you unplug the machine first, and now the dishwasher is flooding my kitchen and water is seeping up through the carpet in the living room. That can not be a good sign!  I seriously have never wanted to sale my house more then right now! Yep get me out of here before it all falls apart. I tend to get a little nervous and overwhelmed when things start to break down. I know I need to get a grip hu? Anyway enough of my belly aching about my appliance problems. Have y'all ever just woken up and thought I so don't want to mess with my hair. Now if your a guy and reading this skip this post as it doesn't apply to you most likely. You see I'm all for a great messy bun but let's face it even that takes some effort. If I really want a mess free do I grab a hat. That's right folks yours truly is a hat girl. Not just any kind of hat but more a baseball hat kind of girl. Yep on any given day you may just wander by and find me wearing a hat. Now I'm not saying I won't have make up on because let's face it no one needs to see that. I'm just saying I'm a hat kind of girl. Just like I previously told y'all I'm also a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal. 

Every hat wearing mama should have a cute child acessory don't ya think? Just kidding this is my cute niece Littlemiss G. She loves to be in pictures with me. We take a lot of pictures when she misses her mama. It's nice having another girl in the house who appriecates hats. She likes to wear mine or bring her own or try on everyone elses hats in the house. She's adorable! 

You know what I like about a good baseball cap besides the benifits of hiding my dirty or recycled hair somedays??? Why of course to protect this fair skin of mine. Y'all I'm the whites white girl your probably likely to meet. Maybe not really but let me tell ya my skin fairly glows in the dark some days. It's why I wear long pants year round here in Texas. I have had a few awful sunburns in my life and never ever want to do that again. I am way crazy about sunburns and sunscreen. I also loves hats well y'all because I'm the mom of four boys and sometimes it's nice to just feel like one of the boys. Plus it gives me an excuse to root for the home team... Well actually I don't own a cowboys hat that would be the hubs. The home team on my hat is WSU that would be Washington State University. Go cougars says the girl who's dad has brainwashed her since she was a kid. :) I did however, attend the college that my mom went to not my dad. Ironic I know however, I support my dads love of WSU. 

So, there you have it y'all I will freely own up to be a hat wearing, hat loving mama who occasionally uses it as an excuse not to do my hair. But mostly wear it because I really just like hats and don't look half bad in one. So, I'm a hat loving jeans and t-shirt kind of mom which is probably good considering I have four boys. I have no clue what I would do with a girl. I guess I would have to start wearing more headbands to fit in. Have a great day y'all and go try on a hat you might just like it.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Finish This #32

Morning y'all! Well I think I may or may not have shared more then 13's about my self in the last three years of blogging but ya know I'm always up for a little more. Although I'm probably bound to repeat myself. So sorry for the repeats but ya know I really can't spend hours figuring out what I did share with y'all already. Dang I should have titled all those post something similar. Anyway I hope your having a fab day and are linking up to the Finish This party. There are some fab girls that participate in this. 


 13 Things To Know About Me

1. I hum when I concentrate. I mean I really make this noise that sounds like I should hang up the phone. My dad use to tell me to do that all the time when I was a kid. I happened to notice when I was visiting home recently that it happens a lot more frequently when I'm there. Weird for sure but I also don't really notice it to much when I am doing it. So, if ya hear my humming I am usually up to something. 

2. Being the mom of four boys I have a complete dislike for cleaning bathrooms. I can honestly say I really do blame my boys for that. Little boys make bathrooms uninhabitable. Holy cow I just can't even explain how gross my boys make their bathroom. I maybe the only mom that this happens to but I'm owning up to it freely. Little boys and bathrooms are a disgusting combination. Don't worry they are learning to clean their own bathroom. 

3. I get a little irate and go a little crazy when things I've planned out don't quite go how I would like them to. I'm trying to learn to go with the flow more but I hate having to rearrange tons of things when things don't work out. I am learning to let go! 

4. I love photography and have all sorts of pictures, subway art, etc... hanging on my walls. 

5. I'm pretty sarcastic however, I try to keep a lid on it as most people don't appreciate it.  

6. I go to bed early people I am not a night owl by any means! No 1am for this girl. Other wise I am a completely cranky person the next day and your going to want me to take a nap.

7. I love my home town of Sequim, Washington and wish that I could live in the Pacific Northwest again. It's gorgeous people just gorgeous. 

8. I like to take crazy pictures with my kids. Especially Littleman it's his favorite thing to do lately. 

9. I love being a stay at home mom. Sure there are days that I miss work and escaping my crazy kiddos but most of the days I feel truly blessed that I get to stay home with my crazy bunch. 

10. I love music and could listen to it for hours. My kids also love music and are constantly having random dance parties in our living room. 

11. I have a slight digital scrap booking obsession as well as a jewelry obsession. 

12. I love having new bras. Sorry for that but seriously don't underestimate the power of a good new bra! 

13. I love being the mom of 4 boys no matter the dirty looks, rude comments, and such that I often receive. People my mother is the second oldest of 11 seriously how can having 4 kids be such a crazy thing. I can not even tell you how many times last week I received dirty looks because I had the four boys and my niece at the store with me. Okay that's a total of 5 kids y'all seriously I'm sorry if you don't agree with my life style but keep your opinion to yourself. Okay I'm done on my soap box now. Yikes sorry I don't normally let that kind of stuff bother me. 

Have a wonderful day y'all and go link up this week with 13 things about yourself. I would love to get to know my readers better.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Washington Through My lense #2

Morning y'all it's Tuesday and today I'm sharing a little bit more of my home town with y'all as I share my vacation home through my lens. You know visiting home isn't always about all the fun things you do sometimes it's just about hanging out with the people you love. While we were there my cute niece Shaye turned three. It's hard to believe this little cutie is three now. It seems like just yesterday we were seeing cute baby pictures of her. Three is a funny age and Shaye requested an elephant cake for her birthday. So, of course my mom busted out her awesome Grandma skills and made this cute blue elephant cake for Shaye. Shaye's only requested was that this cake have pink toenails. Just like her and Grandma had painted her toenails. 

Isn't that the cutest cake and birthday girl. So, what do you do after having fun blue elephant cake. Why play bubbles of course. With your awesome cousin Duke making them go all over the place. 

The bubbles were a big hit and my little Gbug loves to be able to just run around outside any time he wants. That's what you can do when it's not 110 our side constantly. I have been trying to get him out but ugh mommy can't deal with the heat either. The kids had so much fun playing and then later we went over to Great Grandma's to check out the animals.

Yeah Gbug was not a huge fan of feeding the horses at first. I did get him to at least look at it after awhile. 

Duke thought this was great as he doesn't often get this close to animals. Unless it's our two dogs. The funny thing about these two horses are there names are totally different from what my little niece Shaye calls them. There names are Amber and Patty or something like that and Shaye calls them Amanda and the Cinnamon horse. Personally I think the Cinnamon horse is a better way to go. Although Gbug wasn't a huge fan of the horses he totally loved the chickens.

Y'all my Grandma the kids Great Grandma as Shaye calls her is 89 years old and taking care of Chickens, digging fence post holes, mowing her own lawn and doing so much more. She is truly amazing. The horses she doesn't have to worry about as they belong to someone else but she takes care of everything else. She's awesome and I hope that I can be just as active as her at that age. 

Now while we were visiting Washington was have a bit of a heat wave. At least for them anyways. You see it was like 80 several days that we were there. People there is no air conditioning in most homes there and well it's at sea level. So, if you can imagine most people thought it was miserably hot but we were thinking it was awesome and rather cool. So of course to end their fun day the little had to get into the pool.

I hope you enjoyed today's look through my lens. Have a wonderful Tuesday.

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Scrappin Monday

It's Monday y'all! I am one week closer to the kids starting school and me being a little less crazy during the day. This year I don't feel so overwhelmed with the need for my kids to go back to school. I think it's because I got a two week break from all the fighting that usually occurs mid July. Hallelujah! Do your kids do that or is it just mine? Anyway today is Monday so y'all know what that means. It's scrapping Monday around these parts. Have fun checking out this weeks pages and have a beautiful Monday y'all!

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