Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Finish This #37

I’m the type of person who
Worries about everything. I just can't seem to stop myself. That's party of my health problems lately. Anxiety is the pits. I'm also the type of person who leaves clean laundry in a basket with out folding it for a couple of days. Shhhh don't tell my mother she would be outraged.
  My favorite joke or riddle is
I don't think I have a favorite. I usually just hear ones that my kids have to tell me and let me tell you 10 year old and 8 year old humor so not funny. :) 

All that really matters is
My family and that they are loved and taken care of. 

Sorry for such short answers this week y'all but that's all I got to say on the subject. Have a great day and don't forget to come hook up with this fun old linky party. You'll love meeting new people.  

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Washington Through My Lens #7

Morning y'all or afternoon as it so happens to be while I type this.
Oh my it's nap time at our house and let me tell y'all my kiddo is screaming his head off. I'm not sure why but all of a sudden nap time has become his least favorite thing in the world. It's a screaming fit until he finally passes out. I wish he wouldn't do this it breaks my heart a little every time but he's so tired and if he doesn't take a nap it's really scary to be around him. It's like a mini time bomb of grumpy waiting to explode on anyone who gets in his way. Everyone beware of Gbug if he doesn't get a nap. Anyway today is post #7 on Washington through my lens. Today we are going to take you on a looks see at Port Williams. We went down there to collect rocks so that my mom could teach Duke how to wire wrap them for necklaces or other fun things. He happened to make me a couple of them while we were there. So, come join us for a look at more water and awesome sand. Gbug is a lover of sand plus my niece Shaye was in a very happy mood that day. Plus we saw some awesome eagles while we were busy looking for rocks. You never know what your going to see when you look up.
 Evidently he thinks he's the king of the world. I'm pretty sure I have like 10 or more photos of him doing this posse through out our vacation. 

Cousins! She totally loves hanging out with Duke but she also equally likes to boss him around. It was pretty funny watching him smile at her and either do what she wanted him to or just smile and nod. 

Isn't see so cute! She was being such a little ham.

We saw this beautiful eagle while we were enjoying the beach. He just was sitting there watching everything around him. It was awesome!

Here's our little sand loving little guy. He would fill his bucket up and then dump it and run farther down the beach just to do the same thing again. It was pretty funny. 

She was my little buddy and I miss hanging out with her. 

Throwing rocks in the water is totally awesome. At least that's how Gbug feels about it. I'm pretty sure that he slipped in a couple of times. 
I told ya he loves this pose. I hope that you liked visiting the beach with us today. It's a beautiful area. Have a wonderful day.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Scrappin Monday

Morning y'all! How are you today? It's a beautiful Monday again here in Texas and of course that means that I'm sharing more scrap book pages with y'all. We have officially come to the end of my kids 2013 scrap books. It's a little bit of Christmas in September on the blog today. I hope that you enjoy this weeks Christmas pages. Have a wonderful Monday I've got crazy fun things like grocery shopping with two Little's today and making dinner. I know my life is so exciting these days. Got to love the life of a stay at home mom. I think I desperately need some new recipes y'all I'm stuck in a rut! Of to browse pinterest. Have a wonderful day oh and don't forget you can find my newest printable live at Bacon Time. I think you'll love the inspirational quote on this one. I know I do.

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Mama's Olympic Sport

Have I told y'all lately that taking photos of my kids is or should be an Olympic event. Holy cow y'all it's seriously like going for a run or something. Yep my kids are crazy when it comes time to get new pictures. Now it's a lot easier to take pictures of them if it's not a whole family photo. I don't know why but when it's a whole family photo it's more chaos then when I just want knew photos to hang up in the house. Crazy boys! So, of course I needed new ones recently because well the last time I had a photo of all three of them together Gbug was a month old. So, I started by taking photos of all four of them together. That's where the sport part of picture taking comes in. How long can we keep Gbug from running around, how do we get Littleman to look at us let alone smile. Ugh! I swear this is why when we get out family photos taken I go with someone who knows us because taking my kids pictures is enough to give anyone a head ache. 

This is the one hanging up in my house. Although my kids aren't all looking at the camera this is my kids to a t. 

Oh look they really are all looking at the camera for a change. 

Yep this is what it usually looks like when we are trying to get a picture. Gbug running off and everyone but Duke watching the baby. Ah the joys of little boys. Of course this is actually what the first attempt looked like.

Yep notice we are missing a child. Yeah he was off and running around before we could even get on picture taken.

Of course their individual pictures were even more entertaining.

Can't even show ya the funny ones I think this is the only one where we got him standing still. I think I had to mention something about putting him down for a nap if he didn't hold still. This kid is always on the go. 

 This was Littlemans way of saying if I can't hear mom tell me to smile then this isn't really happening. 

 This ones up on our wall because it's so our Littlman. My oldest two were better at getting their photos taken because they have practice but of course eventually every one cracks under pressure and has to do one or two silly photos. 

So, this was my Olympic event this last month trying desperately to get new photos of my kids. I think next time I will just wait until we get new family photos. Got to love being the mom of boys!

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Mater Chef Birthday Party

Morning y'all! Well it's hard to believe it but I am the mother to a 10 year old now. Yikes that makes me feel really old. So, I don't know how much tv you guys watch or if you like cooking shows but while we were up visiting my mom she got Duke hooked on the show Master Chef. He totally loves watching all the chefs making these crazy dishes and seeing who goes home and who gets to stay. He also watched all of Master Chef junior when we got home. He is a Master Chef fanatic. Which is so strange to me because he likes to help me cook but he's not crazy about it. Anyway when we were discussing his birthday and what he would like to do for it we happened to be watching Master Chef Junior. On that particular episode they had a challenge where three of the kids had to whip whipping cream and see who could make it the stiffest by dumping it over the judges heads. I thought wow now that would be fun and just happened to mention that to Duke. Yep mom opened her big fat mouth and then out pops Duke with " Mom I want a Master Chef birthday party. You want a what? Yeah I almost had a heart attack! However, I think we might have pulled it off. Check out what we did for Duke's Master Chef themed party.

I made this cute invite using Chelle's creations fun kit Pasta La feasta and photoshop elements. Then of course when they day came we had to start by making the kids look like chefs. Which meant putting these fun chefs hats together.

Evidently being a chef brings out the silly in these kids. Next of course any good chef needs to have a proper apron. So, the kids got to decorate their very own apron with permanent markers. 

I'm telling ya these kids have some creative minds. Now I don't know why but I don't have a picture of what we did next. We had the kids roll out and make their own pizzas. I made up the dough for them and then they rolled it out and added all the toppings that they wanted. We had three prizes for the best looking pizza, the most creative, and the one with the most on it. They had a great time creating them and eating them. Plus my sis is so awesome and had fun goodie bags full of candy and a fun $5 gift card to race track in them. The kids loved it! After creating pizza, hats, and aprons and getting their fill of eating we opened gifts and sang happy birthday to my now 10 year old. 

Oh and they even all sang Let It Go from Frozen while eating their pizza. Can I just say there is something totally silly about listening to 10, 10 year old's singing frozen songs. I'm pretty sure that the hubs recorded it for black mail when they are all older and a little more wiser. :). Anyway after the presents and cup cakes it was time to get a little messy. Now we thought about having the kids whip whipping cream like on master chef however, I  don't have that many mixers and well I wasn't really willing to have them dump that over my head. So, instead we decided to have our version of a food fight. Nope I didn't waste any food on this fight. We filled up containers with shaving cream ( barbasol) and let them throw it at each other on the front lawn. I'm pretty sure this was their favorite activity of the whole party. 

The best part was all I had to do was hose them all down when it was over. We had them wear swim wear because we knew this was what we were going to do at the end. It was crazy watching them throw shaving cream at each other. The only draw back to this was them getting it in their eyes and mouth. We had a few rules like no throwing at the face and we were very careful to wash it off their faces and mouths as quick as possible if they did get some there. So, if your looking for a fun way to throw a party on a budget this one was really easy and didn't cost me a fortune. I would guess it was less then $50 and that's including the cupcakes I made and pizza dough. The boys all had a great time and Duke told me it was the best birthday party he's ever had. Awe thank you for your love of Master Chef buddy. Have a great day y'all. Next year I think I might just make him take one friend to a movie. Wow this was a lot of work but so worth it to see his smiles.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Finish This #36

I am serious about
I am serious about a lot of things. It's one of the things about me that I think might drive the Hubs just slightly nuts. Good thing he loves me. I am very serious about my children and their education. I will go to bat for them no matter what but especially when I feel that they are not getting the help that they may need at school. This maybe something that I will have to post on later to further explain. We are going through some things with my two middle guys. Love them to pieces and they deserve so much out of this life. I just want them to realize that they are just as capable as everyone else. 

I am most relaxed when
At home with my family. In case you don't know this about me or haven't read some of my about me posts. I deal with anxiety and stress not so well and being at home and not dealing with traveling places and lots of people relieves this problem. Lately been having some health issues due to these two things. Just trying to figure out what works for me. 

There’s no place like
Home! If you have been following my series Washington through my lens. You will know that home is where I grew up and for some reason being there speaks to my soul. I love it there and wish that I could raise my kids there but that's not what God has planned for us right now or what's best at the moment. Doesn't mean that there's no place like Home! It's part of me and brings me peace.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Washington Through My Lens #6

Morning y'all! Are you ready for some more of Washington through My Lens. I hope that you have enjoyed looking at my hometown and it's surrounding areas through my camera lens. I am enjoying sharing it with you and will be sad that there are only a few post left. Today thought I am sharing with you one of the funnest things to do with your grandpa or papa as we call my dad when you are up visiting. That would be fishing of course. 

Papa took Duke fishing while we were up visiting and boy did that boy have a great time. I just stood by and took pictures and watched the two of them fish. It was fun to see how quickly Duke caught on and how much fun he had fishing. It was a really pretty area too.

Now no fishing trip would be complete with out a tall tale to tell. Actually this one isn't such a tall tale as much as rather funny. So, Duke had only been fishing for a bit when he caught something. However, this fish took off with the hook and everything in it's mouth. In including grandpas favorite bobber or whatever you call that thing. You know I'm no fishermen so please forgive my terrible grammar when it comes to fishing gear. Anyway Grandpa was determined to get his bobber back so after Duke had caught his fish.

So, we decided to through a little bit of fish food out into the pond to get the fish to come closer so that Papa could just scoop the fish ( that Duke now referred to as bob) up with a net.

The fish really liked the fish food and it was awesome to watch them jump and come really close to the edge of the pond.

So Papa waited patiently and every once in awhile we would see Bob swim by. After all you can't mistake a fish with a bright green bobber hanging out of its mouth.

Even Duke tried his hand at catching Bob.

However, Bob proved to be rather elusive and we never were able to catch that sneaky fish. We even tried using Papa's friend Joe's special barbie fishing pole but no luck. Bob survived to live another day and to be someone else's dinner. All in all Duke had a great time fishing.

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